The Russian wedding brand YOO STUDIO possesses the unique vision, perception, style and design of the vogue. It is a living embodiment of the artistic taste and skill. We produce our cloths from the best world brand drapery and create exclusive specific embroidery, exquisite handmade embellishment and flowers using Swarovski crystals, pearls, glass beads and Japanese bugles.

We are open to collaboration with the big wedding salons, agencies as well as with the boutiques and stylists. We want the brides all over Russian to be able to wear YOO STUDIO stylish and modern looking dresses.

Our high class sewing skill makes YOO STUDIO dresses fit perfectly. Our products quality is under the strictly control.

Advertising and promotion are quite substantial for the brand. YOO STUDIO dresses are presented in the most renowned Russian wedding magazines. We exhibit our products at the specializing wedding exhibitions and fashion shows. Our glamorous catalogues and compliance declarations are put at the disposal of our partners. With any dress, we enclose a nice-looking dress package, authoring designer’s stylish postcard and additional decor elements.

We are open to execute the pressing orders, to make modification changes of our products to the client’s will and to sew to individual measures as well as.

  • Minimum order is 5 dresses.
  • Prepayment – 100%.
  • Delivery at door is accomplished at the seller’s expense.

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To fill an order

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