YOO STUDIO possesses the unique vision, perception, style and design of the vogue. It is a living embodiment of the artistic taste and skill. We produce our cloths from the best world brand drapery and we create exclusive specific embroidery, exquisite handmade embellishment and flowers using Swarovski crystals, pearls, glass beads and Japanese bugles.
YOO STUDIO is a private manufacture. There is a showroom in St. Petersburg and a net of the wedding salons in a set of cities of Russia, which are considered the exclusive YOO STUDIO brand representatives there.
YOO STUDIO participates in the “wedding” exhibitions and shows. It cooperates with the acknowledged photographers and wedding agencies. All these activities make it possible to extend our product market limits, including the ones abroad.
YOO STUDIO declares its specific vision of the contemporary bride through the distinct outlines, unusual drapery, texture intermixture and the play of colors. It’s a real challenge to the classic and accustomed taste. YOO STUDIO dresses are for the open mind and independent of a blinkered view.
Our site represents the best gowns created by our skillful masters with affection toward every bride for each of them to look stylish and unique.